Edwardstone Neighbourhood Plan

The Edwardstone Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) is being prepared by their parish council and local community. When complete, it will be used to help guide and shape future development in the plan's area.

Latest news…

Reg 16 Submission consultation (29 Apr to 14 Jun 2024)

The Edwardstone NDP was submitted in late March 2024 and is now being made available for public consultation.

Written comments are being invited on this plan and accompanying documents in accordance with Regulation 16 of the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012 (as amended). The consultation period runs from Monday 29 April until 4:00pm on Friday 14 June 2024.

A list of submitted documents appears below. Our Public Notice explains how copies of the plan can be accessed locally.

An assessment on how this NDP meets the basic condition tests will form part of the examination. Our initial checks suggest that the relevant requirements have been met at this stage. View our Regulation 15 Checklist

Submitting your comments.

All comments (preferably using the Response Form) should be sent by e-mail to: communityplanning@baberghmidsuffolk.gov.uk

Alternatively, you can post your comments to: 

Edwardstone NP Consultation,

c/o Planning Policy Team, 

Babergh District Council, 

Endeavour House, 

8 Russell Road, 

Ipswich, Suffolk, 


All comments must be received before the consultation deadline. Your comments cannot be treated as confidential and, with the exception of personal contact details, will be published on this webpage at the end of the consultation period. As part of your response, you can state if you wish to be notified if and when this NDP is adopted by Babergh District Council.


What can I comment on at this stage?

At this stage, you can comment on the submitted plan and its policies.

It is important to remember that the Examiner will only be able to recommend changes to this NDP that are necessary to ensure that it meets the basic condition tests. You should therefore consider whether the plan meets those. The submitted Basic Conditions Statement sets out how the Parish Council considers that they have met those tests.

I commented on this Plan at an earlier stage. Do I need to repeat those comments?

Issues raised in response to the pre-submission consultation exercise carried out by the Parish Council should be referred to in the Consultation Statement. As a result, the Examiner will be aware of these - so you do not need to repeat them.

If further changes have been made to this NDP that now raise new issues or if they affect the points that you made previously, you might want to send in a further comment.

What happens next?

At the end of this consultation period all valid representations will be sent to the Examiner. It will be for them to decide how they wish to proceed. Typically, they will rely upon the written representations to help them reach a decision, but they could call a public meeting if they consider it beneficial to do so.

The Examiners role is to consider whether the Plan meets the basic conditions, or if further modifications need to be made for it to do so. They will also decide if this NDP should proceed to a local referendum. This will all be set out in their Final Report.

Previous stages... 

SEA/HRA screening and determination (Feb 2024)

The pre-submission draft Edwardstone NDP was screened to determine whether a strategic environmental assessment (SEA) and or a habitats assessment (HRA) were required. Both were 'screened-out'. The relevant reports and our determination notice are published below:

Reg 14 Pre-Submission consultation (30 Oct to 11 Dec 2023)

Consultation on the pre-submission draft Edwardstone NDP ended on 11 December 2023. Please visit the parish council website for more information.

Reg 05 - Area Designation (30 Mar 2021)