Sheltered housing is accommodation that been designed specifically for elderly, disabled or vulnerable residents. It allows them to live independently. It usually consists of self-contained flats, with communal facilities.

It is usually available to residents who are aged over 60 (some sheltered housing schemes may be open to people who are aged 55 or over).

In Babergh, we have a number of sheltered housing schemes. These schemes consist of bungalows, flats and bedsits - all of which offer residents a safe, comfortable home environment.

Each scheme has a Sheltered Housing Officer. They are responsible for the day-to-day running of sheltered housing schemes.

Apply for sheltered housing

Residents who would like to apply for sheltered housing will need to do so via Gateway to Homechoice.

If internet access is an issue, please call us on 0300 1234000 (Options 3). We can help you complete an application form, or navigate the bidding process.

If you feel you would benefit from very sheltered housing, please read our information and guidance here