The candidates and agents briefing will be held on Wednesday 29 May at 2pm.

Candidates and agents are invited to sign up by emailing

Upon reception, an invitation will be sent out for the virtual and in-person (hybrid) briefing.

Election timetable for candidates

Event Working days before poll. Deadline is midnight, unless stated otherwise Date
Publication of notice of election Not later than 22 days Not later than 4pm on Tuesday 4 June
Delivery of nomination papers From the date stated on the notice of election up to 4pm on the nineteenth working day before the election From the date stated on the notice of election up to 4pm on Friday 7 June
Deadline for withdrawals of nomination 19 days. Deadline is 4pm By 4pm on Friday 7 June
Making objections to nomination papers

On 19 days (10am to 5pm), subject to the following:

Between 10am - 12pm on Friday 7 June, objections can be made to all delivered nominations

Between 12pm - 5pm on Friday 7 June, objections can only be made to nominations delivered after 4pm on Thursday 6 June


Between 10am - 12pm and 12pm - 5pm on Friday 7 June

Deadline for the notification of appointment of election agent 19 days. Deadline is 4pm By 4pm on Friday 7 June
Publication of statement of persons nominated, including notice of poll and situation of polling stations

If no objections: On 19 days. Deadline is 5pm

If objection(s) are made: Not before objection(s) are disposed of, but not later than 18 days. Deadline is 4pm

If no objections: By 5pm on Friday 7 June

If objection(s) are made: Not before objection(s) are disposed of, but not later than 4pm on Monday 10 June

Deadline for notification of appointment of polling and counting agents 5 days Thursday 27 June
Polling day 0 (7am to 10pm) 7am to 10pm on Thursday 4 July
Delivery of return as to election expenses Not later than 35 calendar days after the date the election result is declared Friday 23 August 2024


Request a register or absent voters list

Once you officially become a candidate, you are entitled to receive a free copy of the full electoral registers. You are also entitled to the lists of people voting by post or proxy (‘the lists of absent voters’), for the whole parliamentary constituency that you are contesting.

The electoral register lists the names and addresses of everyone who is registered to vote in public elections. The register is used for electoral purposes, such as making sure only eligible people can vote. It is also used for other limited purposes specified in law, such as detecting crime (e.g. fraud), calling people for jury service, checking credit applications.

Registers for parliamentary constituencies may be spread across multiple local authority boundaries, as detailed below. You will need to make a request to each relevant electoral service. Please note that some email addresses may be listed more than once.


The request must be made in writing and the forms can be accessed below:

  1. Register Request Form
  2. Absent Voters List Request Form

You will then need to send your completed form(s) to the relevant electoral service, via email.

The register and lists will will be supplied in electronic format, unless a paper copy is specifically requested.

The version of the electoral register and lists supplied will be the ones current at the time of application. You may also request the updates to the electoral registers and lists that are published in the lead-up to the poll, including the list of newly registered electors when it is published five working days before the poll.

Any person found breaching the restrictions on use of the electoral register could face an unlimited fine.  For more information see the Electoral Commission's guidance on restrictions on the use of the electoral register in England and Wales.

Central Suffolk and North Ipswich

South Suffolk

Waveney Valley

Download nomination papers

Candidates and agents can download the nomination papers for their respective parliamentary constituency via the buttons below:

Central Suffolk and North Ipswich nomination papers

South Suffolk nomination papers

Waveney Valley nomination papers