Council's Budgets

The Policy and Budget Framework sets out the Council’s priorities and financial plans for the future. It focuses specifically on the Revenue Budget for the coming year but also an indication of the possible financial position for the following 2 years. It also indicates potential capital spending plans for the next 3 years, subject to the necessary capital funding being available.

Looking ahead, given the deficit in public finances, there will undoubtedly be more difficult times ahead in terms of reducing Government grants, which could be as much as 35%-40% over the next 4 years. This will result in continuing pressures to find further significant savings, efficiency and additional income. We will continue to work very closely with our partners in developing a joint approach to service delivery and reducing costs.

We are committed to giving you services that offer the best value for money and we will continue to do all we can to keep Council Tax rises as low as possible while still delivering and improving our services.

Budget Books for Babergh District Council:

Fees and charges: