Tattingstone Neighbourhood Plan

The Tattingstone Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) is being prepared by the Parish Council and local community. When complete, it will be used to help guide and shape future development in the plan's area.

Latest news…

SEA/HRA screening and determination (Apr 2024)

The pre-submission draft Tattingstone NDP was screened to determine whether a strategic environmental assessment (SEA) and or a habitats assessment (HRA) are required. Both have been 'screened-out'. The relevant reports and our determination notice are published below:

Previous stages...

Reg 14 Pre-Submission consultation (20 Jan to 8 Mar 2024)

Consultation on the pre-submission draft Tattingstone NDP closed on 8 March 2024. Please visit the parish council website for more information.

Reg 05 Area Designation (19 July 2021)

On 25 June 2021, the parish council submitted an application to define the boundary of their Neighbourhood Plan. Under the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012 (as amended), Babergh District Council confirmed the designated NDP area on 19 July 2021.

A notice to this effect, a copy of the application and a map identifying the NDP area can be accessed below: