Right to Buy

The Right to Buy scheme helps council and housing association tenants buy their home for a discounted price.

The biggest discount you can receive is £102,400.00(excluding London).

Check whether you are eligible for Right to Buy

Homes not eligible for Right to Buy

Some homes cannot be bought under the Right to Buy scheme. They include:

•    sheltered housing
•    housing used for temporary housing
•    housing let for employment purposes (for example, a caretaker’s house)
•    housing particularly suitable for elderly tenants

Your information

We are responsible for making sure that public finances are collected and spent correctly.

Information you provide us may be used for:

•    the detection of fraud
•    the prevention of fraud
•    sharing with other organisations who manage public finances

Apply for Right to Buy

Owning your home has many benefits. They include:

•    You will not have to pay rent
•    You will have more freedom to make changes to your home
•    You will have made a long term investment

If you would like to buy your home, we recommend you seek advice from qualified financial and legal advisors beforehand.

The government have published a guide that details the Right to Buy process.

Visit our Apply for Right to Buy webpage to learn how you can buy your home via this scheme.