Replacement or changes to existing street signs

If you feel that a street sign needs to be changed, or an extra sign is needed, then you should first contact the town/parish council.

Applications are only considered from a town or parish council when they have agreed to pay for the new sign or changes. 

The application process

The town/parish council must apply to the local authority who will consider the request.

Once received, the Street Naming and Numbering Service will review the request and make a decision.

If the change or replacement sign is agreed, details of the change and cost will be sent to the town/parish council to be approved. Once approved, the sign will be ordered and installed.

The town/parish council will be invoiced for the supply and installation costs. The district does not make a charge for the administration costs involved.


Change to or additional street sign online application

Change to or additional street sign application (PDF document)

Further information

For more information please:
Read Our Change to or additional sign guidance document
Read the full Guide to the Street Naming and Numbering Service

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