Payments to suppliers

A list of payments over £500 to suppliers is published (exclusive of VAT) on a quarterly basis.

Publication of these reports form part of the Council's commitment to be open and transparent with its residents.

Suppliers can be:

  • limited companies
  • other local authorities
  • government departments
  • community organisations
  • small businesses
  • self-employed

The only payments included are the ones the Council has made to purchase goods and services. Some spend is split between Babergh and Mid Suffolk District Council. This is shown in the reports.

This information was previously available to the public on request. All Councils are now encouraged to publish whatever supplier payment information they can, at minimum cost.

All spend (exclusive of VAT) using the Government Procurement Cards that are held by officers within the Council is also published.

The below files are in CSV format.

Financial Year 2023-24

Financial Year 2022-23

Financial Year 2021-22

Payment performance statistics

The following table shows the percentage of invoices paid within 30 days (with no interest being paid due to late payment):

Financial year Percentage paid (within 30 days)
2023-2024 96.36%
2022-2023 98.3%
2021-2022 98.2%
2020-2021 98.6%
2019-2020 98.6%
2018-2019 96.8%
2017-2018 96%
2016-2017 97.6%

Purchase orders

If you have questions about purchase orders, please read our information below 

Read our purchase order terms and conditions