Food waste collections for Babergh and Mid Suffolk residents from 2026

Funding to begin food waste collections in Babergh and Mid Suffolk from 2026 has been agreed, as part of a nationwide requirement by central government

This month, cabinets at Babergh and Mid Suffolk District Councils have agreed funding to enable the introduction of food waste collections from 2026.

It follows a change in UK government legislation aimed at making recycling consistent across the country.

This makes it a statutory requirement for all local councils to collect food waste at the kerbside from 2026.

The agreed funding means the councils can now begin the process of sourcing new bins, lorries, and equipment, as well as recruiting additional bin crews.

Both councils have been allocated a portion of central government’s £295m ‘new burdens’ funding to deliver the changes. However, this is not expected to cover the full costs, with cabinets agreeing further funding to cover the shortfall from their own council coffers. 

Babergh is set to receive just over £1m in new burdens funding with an anticipated shortfall of £259K.

Mid Suffolk will receive slightly more at £1.042m with an anticipated shortfall of £254K.

Both councils are appealing the amount of funding they will receive and are waiting for further details from central government.

Once ready to roll out, residents will receive a new 23-litre food waste bin, as well as a 5-litre caddy for their kitchens. Flats and houses of multiple occupancy will receive larger communal bins.

Cllr Daniel Potter, Babergh District Council’s cabinet member for environment, said:

“Standardising recycling collections and improving the way we recycle in the UK can only be a step in the right direction.
“Agreeing this funding means we can meet the new statutory requirement for food waste collections, as well as other changes, as cost effectively and efficiently as possible for our residents.
“We are looking forward to receiving the remaining information we need from central government regarding implementation and funding in the meantime.”
Cllr Tim Weller, Mid Suffolk District Council’s cabinet member for environment, culture and wellbeing, said:

“Improving recycling and collecting food waste will be a positive step for Suffolk and across the UK. It will help to reduce emissions, put green energy back into the grid, and produce an effective soil improver as a by-product.

“Agreeing this funding ensures we can begin the process as early as possible to ensure we have the equipment and facilities we need to roll out these new collections.

“We welcome further updates and information from government in the meantime, in particular regarding the anticipated shortfall in funding.”

Both councils are working with neighbouring borough and district councils, together with Suffolk County Council which manages the county’s waste disposal, as part of the Suffolk Waste Partnership

This includes looking at how glass will be collected in Suffolk in future to ensure it aligns with the new legislation.

Babergh and Mid Suffolk District Councils bin lorry