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Do you want to develop your digital skills?

This webpage has all the resources you need to help you develop your digital skills. Below are two different online digital skills courses that you can use for free.

Please note that the Digital Skills courses outlined below are from third party providers and not affiliated to the Council. Please make sure that you read the privacy notice of the above providers when signing up. If you opt to join the groups set up by the Council on each platform (Online Centre/Organiser Code), the following information will be shared with the Council.

LearnMyWay – Name, e-mail, telephone number, address.

iDEA – Name, Age, e-mail address.

Information seen by the Council through these websites will only be used for assessing learner uptake of Digital Skills courses.


LearnMyWay is a website filled with free, easy to follow online courses that will help you develop your digital skills and confidence.

We recommend using LearnMyWay to those who are at the start of their Digital Journey.

At LearnMyWay you can find courses about:

  • using your computer or device
  • online basics
  • Microsoft Office
  • online safety
  • finding a job
  • improving your health online
  • managing your money online
  • online public services

There is no charge to use LearnMyWay, and you don’t need an account with them to access most of their courses. However, we recommend that you set up an account and become part of the Babergh District Council or Mid Suffolk District Council's Online Centre. This way, you can save your progress on the courses you complete. Just type 'Babergh District Council' or 'Mid Suffolk District Council' into the Centre's search box when registering for the service.


iDEA is an online platform that helps you develop digital, enterprise and employability skills for free.

We recommend iDEA for those who have been developing their digital skills, but want to learn more.

With iDEA, you can collect points for each module that you complete. These points contribute towards Bronze, Silver and Gold industry-recognised awards that can be added to your CV.

The four key areas for the Bronze award are:

  • digital awareness, safety and ethics
  • tools and techniques for the workplace
  • digital creativity: how to build and make in the digital world
  • entrepreneurial skills and how to bring your ideas to life

To access iDEA’s learning resources, you will need to create an account, this will allow you to collect badges and save your progress. Once you're signed up, you can also receive an online badge for residents in Babergh

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