Our role

Our Communities team work to strengthen and support communities in our district. Members of the team provide a link between:

  • the Council
  • the local community
  • elected Members
  • town and parish councils
  • voluntary sector providers

Our areas of work include:

  1. Community Grants and Development
  2. Health, Wellbeing, Sport & Leisure
  3. Community Safety & Resilience
  4. Locality Working

Our strategies

Communities Strategy

We are proud to have developed and adopted our first Communities Strategy. This strategy is in response to the big changes we're experiencing in local government, and the challenges we will face in the future.

Wellbeing Strategy

Our overarching vision is to:

'build great communities with bright and healthy futures that everyone is proud to call home'

Wellbeing is one of six key overlapping and intertwined priorities to help deliver this vision.

Read our Wellbeing Strategy (2021).

Leisure, Sport and Physical Activity Strategy

Our long-term Leisure, Sport and Physical Activity Strategy (2021) has been developed as a result of our strategic review of:

existing leisure services

local sports and recreational infrastructure

partnerships across the districts of Babergh and Mid Suffolk

The strategy identifies future needs, trends and opportunities to support an increasing ageing population to lead a more active lifestyle.

Locality Working

Each member of our Communities team member is assigned a ‘locality’ area within the districts, which covers a number of wards. We work with communities to:

  • identify their assets, needs, opportunities and responsibilities
  • build understanding of local issues and aspirations
  • build relationships with local organisations and representatives

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