Can I change the name of a property?

You must apply to us if you wish to change the name of your property, we can only accept an application if you are the freeholder of that property. There is a charge for this service. Please go to change the name of a property for more information and to make an application.

How can I apply to name a new development?

Once you have purchased the site and planning permission has been granted, you can apply to us for a naming and numbering scheme. See addressing new properties and naming new streets.  There is a charge for this service.

Why do I need to apply to the Local Authority for new street naming or to change a property name?

The Local Authority has the responsibility of approving and informing other agencies of any new or changes to official addresses. These agencies may include: Other Council departments, Royal Mail, Fire Service, National Health Service, Suffolk Police Authority, BT Openreach.  Failure to make an application could result in issues with the emergency services, bin collection, sale of the property etc.

Why has my proposed name been rejected?

  • Names that already exist or are similar to those elsewhere in the locality or those that can be perceived as being or potentially being offensive are not accepted.
  • If an existing property address contains a street number, this cannot be removed from the official address.  
  • The Parish Council will provide the names for new streets in accordance with street naming guidance.

For more information on naming conventions and the street naming process, please see the Guide to Street naming and Numbering.

How long will my application take to be approved?

The timescale for all applications will depend on the complexity of the proposal.
Our aim is:

  • to approve an application for a property name change in 21 days if the proposal is accepted. This will take longer if the proposal is rejected.
  • to approve an application for new developments without new street names in approximately 21 days.
  • developments involving new street names can take 2-3 months depending on their complexity. 

Why is the new development name/address not available on the Royal Mail website?

If you have received a letter from us confirming the new development name, and once the property is ready for occupation, you must contact Royal Mail via the Royal mail developer contact form, to request that the address is activated. 

How do I report a damaged street sign?

Please email address management with the name of the road (and the position in that road), the parish or town, the text contained upon the sign and what is wrong with the sign. It is helpful if you have a photograph of the sign. A surveyor will visit the site to determine what action is required. For further information see Report a damaged or missing street sign. Requests for changes to an existing sign or provision of additional signage will only be considered from a Parish or Town Council.

Do you deal with other road related queries and street direction signs?

We are responsible for street name plates only. The maintenance of all other signage would be the responsibility of Suffolk County Council , the Highways Agency or the owner of the land depending on the type of sign it is.

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