Carbon Reduction Management Plan

In 2019, we recognised and declared a climate emergency. We made a commitment to look for ways that we can reduce greenhouse gas emissions - and support Suffolk's aim of becoming carbon neutral by 2030.

We hope that our commitment to:

  • 'take the lead in responding to the challenge of climate change and protecting and enhancing our natural and historic environments' and
  • 'leaving a positive legacy for our children and grandchildren'

will ensure Babergh and Mid Suffolk's sustainability.

Read our Carbon Management Management Plan to learn more about the steps that we're taking to combat climate change.

Read our Carbon Reduction Management Plan

We have also published an Action Plan, which details the key actions we will take between now and 2030:

Read our Action Plan 

Please also see our Greenhouse Gas Reports below:

Biodiversity Action Plan

Our Biodiversity Action Plan was published following recommendations presented to Councils in November 2020.

This Plan details how we aim to protect and strengthen plant life and local wildlife within the districts.

Read our Biodiversity Action Plan

You can also read more about what we're doing to promote wildlife and biodiversity in the districts.