The UK has pledged to reach net zero by 2050. Achieving a low carbon economy will be key to this success.

Business and industry account for 25% of the UK's territorial greenhouse gas emissions. Just under half of these are generated by small and medium enterprises (SMEs) - businesses who employ less than 250 people.

Tackling climate change is everyone's business and we all have an important role to play in the UK's net zero journey.

For employers, tackling climate change has become a key part of protecting their businesses. There are many benefits to doing so, as tackling climate change can:

  • drive business growth and innovation
  • reduce long-term running costs
  • improve resilience. (The World Economic Forum's Global Risks Report 2022 places 'climate action failure' as the number one risk, over the coming decade)
  • build trust with employees, customers and businesses in the supply chain
  • attract and retain a talented workforce

We hope that the following information proves helpful to you.

Carbon Trust

It is important to know the greenhouse gas emissions your business creates, before you look to make reductions. In doing so, you'll be able to understand the impact your business is creating - and you'll know the areas where you need to prioritise taking action.

Carbon Trust have created a number of useful resources for businesses (including a carbon footprint calculator). All guides come with background detail and clear instruction on how to use them.

You can download Carbon Trust's guide to carbon footprinting for businesses.

UK Business Climate Hub

The UK Business Climate Hub is a collaboration between the government, businesses, and business groups across the UK. It's the partner of the SME Climate Hub - a global initiative which empowers SMEs to take climate action.

Via the hub, you can access advice and support to help reduce your energy bills, and cut carbon emissions. There is advice about topics like:

  • how to pay less for EVs
  • how to get a low-carbon heat pump
  • how to generate green energy - and sell it back to the grid

Groundwork East

Groundwork East offer free and impartial advice to Suffolk-based businesses, about how they can achieve net zero. They have already supported over a thousand businesses and community organisations throughout the East of England region.

They can help you with:

  • carbon footprint calculations
  • decarbonisation plans
  • advice on grants and funding
  • policy development
  • business case evaluations
  • staff development

You can email or phone 01473 350370.

Net Zero commitments

Carbon Charter

Joining the Carbon Charter is a clear statement of your commitment to reduce the environmental impact of your operations. Carbon Charter Logo

Since its launch (by Suffolk County Council and the Environment Agency), more than 700 organisations have become members.

Every member has been independently assessed for sustainability, and recognised for the progress they are making towards becoming more sustainable.

As a member, you are able to use the Carbon Charter logo on your website(s), marketing materials, proposals and tenders.

With you every step of the way

The Carbon Charter will help you to develop your strategy to reach Net Zero carbon. We will support you to calculate your carbon footprint and help you to develop a clear action plan with concrete, practical steps along the way.

25 x 25

Every business has a role to play in the road to Net Zero. Take the lead and make a pledge to reduce the carbon emissions of your business by 25%, by 2025.

Consumers and businesses are becoming more sensitive to the environmental impact of their purchasing decisions. Therefore, it makes financial sense to make sustainability a key part of your operations.