We are part of the Suffolk Volunteering Strategy's group. We're committed to promoting volunteering across our communities.

Research shows that volunteering can:

  • increase happiness, and reduce stress
  • provide opportunities to make new friends and connections
  • learn new skills
  • develop confidence and self-esteem

Volunteering also allows you to give back to your community, and feel like a valued member of it.

I am an individual, who is interested in volunteering
Visit Volunteer Suffolk's website to find local volunteering opportunities.
You can also volunteer with our Public Realm team.
Conservation volunteers assist our rangers with things like tree planting and felling, footpath surveys, and furniture installation.
You can also organise community litter picks. We provide equipment and bags, and will arrange for the waste to be collected.
I am a community group, who needs support

Throughout the year, we support and facilitate training and events for local community groups. Our aim is to strengthen the voluntary sector within our districts.

We also provide our own staff with three volunteering days each year. If your community group is in need of volunteers - or you'd like to learn more about our training and events - please contact us (selecting the option for the Communities Team).

Your community group may also be eligible for support via the grants and funding that we administer.

Community Action Suffolk provide advice to community groups within the county. They can support you with the training and recruitment of volunteers, and will be able to share their own network(s) with you.

You can post volunteering vacancies online, via Volunteer Suffolk and Reach Volunteering.

I am a business owner, who wants to support my employees with their volunteering
We can help you develop any employer supported volunteering schemes that you may have in place.
We encourage local businesses to connect with local causes, and demonstrate your corporate social responsibility. Do this by volunteering with charities, community and voluntary groups.
If you would like more information, or help with this, please contact us (selecting the option for the Communities Team).