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To promote the benefits which planting trees brings to communities, we offer families a tree to mark the arrival of every new child.

We are now welcoming applications for 2023.


Who is eligible?

Any family living in Babergh or Mid Suffolk which are celebrating a new arrival, both new born and newly adopted, between 1 January 2023 - 31 December 2023.

We also offer remembrance trees to parents who've lost a child during the same period.

Please check you are eligible before applying

When should I apply?

You can register for your child's tree before or after their arrival, but you must apply before applications close on 10 January 2024.

What if I have a small garden or am renting?

There'll be a range of options available. Or in some cases, you can email our Tree for Life team to discuss your options. We may be able to find an alternative location in the districts to plant your tree.

Can I plant my tree anywhere I like?

Any Tree for Life must be planted within the two districts.

Is there a choice of trees available?

Trees will be specially selected nearer the planting season, where you will be given a choice of fruit trees.

How do I collect my tree?

If eligible, you'll be invited to collect your tree in early 2024. Advice on tree planting and maintenance will be provided.

More questions?

Please email our Tree for Life team.

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All applications will be processed after the closing date.

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