Sublet your leasehold property

As a leaseholder, you can rent your property out. This is called ‘subletting’. Subletting your property will also mean that you will become a landlord.

If you intend to sublet your property, you must let us know.

If you do not live at your leasehold property, you need to let us know the address where you live. This is so we can continue to contact you.

You must make sure that your tenant(s) keep to the conditions of your lease. You are responsible for their actions – even if are not also living at the property.

You will still be responsible for the payment of service charges, and ground rent.

Your responsibilities as a landlord

As a landlord, you will be responsible for the provision of certain services for your tenant. This will include arranging annual boiler servicing.

Read further information about a landlord’s responsibilities

You are also able to use a letting agent, who can manage your property for you. They will be responsible for making sure that your responsibilities as a landlord are handled correctly.

Central Suffolk Lettings

If you are thinking about using a letting agent to manage your property, we offer a service dedicated to the management of private property. This service is named Central Suffolk Lettings.

Visit our Central Suffolk Lettings webpage for more information.

Via this service, we offer a free lettings service to all private landlords. We offer a cash incentive for the landlord, as well as guaranteed rent (and income) throughout the tenancy.

For more information – or an informal chat – please contact our team on 01449 724977. You can also email