Our Plan for Babergh

In January 2024, our Plan for Babergh was agreed at Full Council. This set out the priorities we will deliver from 2023 to 2027.

Download our plan for Babergh

Our Delivery Plan and strategies

A Delivery Plan will follow, setting out further detail on how these priorities will be delivered. Our strategies will gradually be refreshed to reflect these new priorities.

Our current strategies can be found below.


The customer strategy:

  • Our refreshed Customer Strategy sets out the priorities to ensure customers are at the heart of everything we do

Read our Customer Service Strategy


The Joint housing and homes strategy:

  • Our joint housing strategy sets out our ongoing commitment to meet and address the housing challenges across the districts

Read our housing and homes strategy

The Joint homelessness reduction and rough sleeping strategy:

  • Our joint homeless reduction strategy sets out our vision is to end rough sleeping in our Districts

Read our homelessness reduction and rough sleeping strategy

The tenant engagement strategy:

  • Sets out how Councils will engage with and empower residents in our housing function as a landlord and set out engagement principles and roles

Read our tenant engagement strategy


Our communities strategy:

  • Establishes how the Councils can deliver a coordinated and consistent approach to its leadership across the Districts, making full use of all the resources available, so that those who live and work within Babergh and Mid Suffolk feel valued, understood and connected within their community

Read our communities strategy

Our wellbeing strategy:

  • Sets out how we will enable families to lead active, healthy, safe and independent lives and manage their own health & wellbeing; to create sustainable places and spaces which maximise health and wellbeing opportunities and for health inequalities to be reduced

Read our wellbeing strategy

Leisure, Sport and Physical Activity strategy:

  • The strategy sets out how the councils will support the delivery of sport and physical activity services

Read our leisure, sport and physical activity strategy


Carbon reduction management plan:

  • Sets out the work of the taskforce following the Councils recognition of the climate emergency and commitment to investigating ways in which we can reduce own own emissions and support the Suffolk-wide aim to become carbon neutral by 2030

Read our carbon reduction management plan

Biodiversity action plan:

  • Sets out how we aim to protect and strengthen plant life and local wildlife in the districts

Read our biodiversity action plan

Sustainable travel:

  • The councils have developed a vision and Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan to set out our commitment helping our residents and visitors make sustainable journeys

Read our sustainable travel vision

Read our Local cycling and walking infrastructure plans

Parking strategy:

  • Outlines both on-street and off-street parking provision for the next 20 years

Read our parking strategy


Our economic recovery plan:

  • Outlines our commitment to building upon the strengths of our people and partnerships and around our vibrant, beautiful places which together create a strong economy with a bright future for all

Read our economic recovery plan

Culture, Heritage and Visitor Economy:

  • Sets out how the Councils will work together with stakeholders in a landscape of enduring inspiration, to create distinctive, welcoming, and vital cultural places and experiences that energise our communities, our enterprises and our visitors to embrace the progressive heart of Suffolk

Read our culture, heritage and visitor economy strategy